Classic Volumizer - Wavy

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The pack contains one 2-set set volumizer and one 1-set volumizer for full coverage.



14” - 80 grams

16” - 100 grams

18” - 100 grams

20” - 120 grams

24” - 140 grams

*Flexible, fabric-stitched band
*Adds extra volume at the roots
*Made from 100% virgin remy hair
*Heat Resistant & can be re-coloured except jet black


Need an overall volume boost? Get the 3-set volumizer. The best part is, you can use the 2-set and 1-set volumizers separately as well.


Cleaning: Frequent wash is not required for our volumizers. But when you wash them, use a gentle, mild shampoo. Rinse off under running water, then apply a moisturizing conditioner, all over and leave it in for 10 minutes. Wash it off and air dry just like your natural hair.

The coloured volumizers are prone to fading, even with infrequent use. In instances where the colour gets dull, you can always recolour the extensions to restore their vibrancy. To optimize colour retention, we advise that you limit washing your extensions, and when you do wash them use cold water. Also, if you are using a heat styling tool, spray the extensions with a heat protectant spray first. 

Storage: To ensure your volumizer stays tangle-free and secure, we recommend gently combing and detangling it before storing it in the hair carrier. This simple step will help preserve the integrity of the volumizer, ensuring that it maintains its optimal performance and appearance over time. 

What is the difference between 1,2 and 3-set Volumizer extensions?

Our range of Clip-in Extensions effectively enhances hair volume

1-Set volumizer

The 1-set volumizer comprises a single strip with four clips designed to be placed at the back of the head, from ear to ear, to augment volume in that area.

1-Set Volumizer is the perfect choice to add volume. You can easily add volume with this one and can thicken your natural hair texture, creating gorgeous bouncy curls or the ultimate voluminous natural waves!

2-Set volumizer

The 2 set volumizer, on the other hand, consists of two pairs of two clip extensions that can be positioned on either sides to increase volume on the front sections or the back to increase volume behind.

2 set volumizer side patches are clip-in patches that are completely natural-looking and give moderate coverage while adding a twist of volume to your hairstyle. Each patch befits one side and is a perfect solution for covering bald spots and thinning hair.

3-Set volumizer

For an all-in-one volumizing solution, we offer the 3-set package, which includes the 1-set and 2-set Clip-in Extensions. These can be used collectively to increase overall volume or individually to supplement volume as required by your styling needs.

Whether you’re looking to add volume for a special occasion or simply want to switch up your style, our 3-piece volumizer kit is the ultimate solution.

4.9/5 Stars



  • Perfect Color Match Guaranteed

  • Looks And Feels Like Real Hair

  • Completely Seamless

  • Fully Stylable


The Instant Confidence Boost You've Been Looking For

Transform your short, thin, limp hair into the long, thick, voluminous hair of your dreams - in under 60 seconds.

With this extension set, you can finally achieve the voluminous, bouncy hair of your dreams. And the best part? You won't have to spend hours in the salon or break the bank to do it! Plus, with its natural-looking wavy texture, you'll have people doing double-takes and wondering how you managed to grow such stunning locks overnight.


In case the color does not match, we will replace with another color.

Get the Hair you Deserve!

Say goodbye to expensive trips to the salon! With our hair extension, everyone can have beautiful hair in just minutes, from the comfort of your home!


Our Hair Extensions can last forever if used properly.


Our extensions doesn't harm your hair in any way!


 With our extension you will be able to save both, time and money .


This hair extension allows you to become your own hair master in no time!

So Easy You Can Install Them At Home With Zero Experience

This product is easy to apply, and you can adjust it to match your own hair style. Plus, it doesn't require any special adhesives or clips to hold it in place, which makes it easy to use and maintain, with your busy schedule. It is also available in a variety of natural-looking shades to match your hair color. So, whether you have black, brown or dark hair, you will find the perfect match.


Got the wrong color or size? Don't worry, we offer 30 day exchange.

Why choose happy heads Hair Extensions?

  • Fuller, longer, hair in seconds: Dream hair just got real; get it every day of the week with our Hair Extensions.

  • Effortless and low maintenance: Easy to use, manage, and upkeep; our glory extensions don’t demand much, just a head that’s glory ready.

  • Zero damage to your own hair: Get the hair you’ve always wanted but never knew you could, without damaging your real hair, your morning routine, or your wallet.


We Are Here To Help


How do I wear the volumizer?

Most of our hair products are designed with a clip-based system for effortless use.

To apply, gently press the sides of the clip to open and position the product in your hair. Once the desired placement is achieved, press the sides of the clip once more to secure it in place. This allows easy and convenient attachment with minimal effort.

Will these hair patches damage my hair?

When properly installed, hair patches will not cause damage to your natural hair, provided that they are not pulling or tugging at the roots. In case you have weaker roots, and you do not prefer clip-based systems, we offer alternative solutions such as hair powder or hair toppers equipped with adjustable bands. These products eliminate any pressure on the natural hair roots, providing a safe and comfortable solution for enhancing your hair's volume and coverage.

How do I find the right length?

The length you go with is entirely up to how long you want your hair to look. 

There are a couple of handy tips to know though: 

⭐When in doubt, go with the longer option. You can always cut the hair down to the length you want. But you can't add any back. 

⭐It will be easier to blend extensions that are close to the length of your hair, or just a little bit longer. That doesn't mean you can't blend longer extensions if you have short hair. 

⭐The images below will give you a good idea of how long each option is: 

Does it feel heavy on your head?

Our Hair extensions are actually the lightest you can find on the market! Of course, it will feel like you've got something on your head, but you'll get used to it in minutes and comfortably wear it for the rest of the day! 

Can you style them? 

Yes! our hair extensions are heat resistant has the ability to be styled!

What are they made of? 

It's made of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair.

Can I dye it?

We spent a lot of time developing hair colors that will perfectly blend with your hair, but if you get an extension that is slightly off, or if you have a light tint in your own hair, then yes you will be able to dye them.

How do I take care of it?

Cleaning: Wash your patch gently with a mild shampoo. Rinse off under running water, then apply a moisturizing conditioner, all over and leave it in for 10 minutes. Wash it off and air dry just like your natural hair. 

Remember, wash them only when it’s necessary.

Storage: Gently comb and detangle your hair patch and store it in the satin pouch provided or an airtight container.

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